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Week One Nearly Over Thank God

We have reopened this week and so far all is going good with the reopening and enhanced procedures and caution aiming to do our best to make our school setting as safe as possible for all in our school community.
Our staggered starts, class segregation , staff measures and  mask wearing by all parents at school gate with good social distancing are key components in our plan. We are aiming to have enhanced ventilation to maintain good air circulation and air change.

All Parents have returned the Return to School Declaration Form that is a key new measure along with extra vigilance regarding any illness   as an added caution to keep us all safe.

It is now a requirement to submit this Declaration Form after all absences. This is done by all parents on Aladdin .

Tuigimíd gur ar mhaithe le sabháilteacht gach duine a tá sé seo i bhfeidhm againn.





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